We’ll keep you posted with updates to the Kickstarter Project right here on our own website as well as on Kickstarter. Don’t forget to tell your friends, share and tweet and so on. The more people who know the merrier!

Update 7. £7,432 in 30 days – Thank you!

Outstanding! Not just funded but 123% funded!
The clock stopped on the Kickstarter project today at 12:57pm UK time, with a grand total of £7,432 pledged towards our £6,000 goal, with the final pledge just moments before the deadline – just as the first was just moments after we pressed “go” a month back!

We are utterly amazed and humbled by the way you guys have responded to this project. You have risen to the challenge to help us put this album together and make MR2 happen with amazing support and incredible generosity. It means so much to us to know that you have enough faith in us and what we do to put up your hard earned cash with nothing but promises to go on.

We really appreciate what you have done for us, and what we will do for you by way of thanks is make the very best album we possibly can, which we can all be proud of. We will keep you posted about how it’s going, and tell you about plans for sending out the rewards and CDs as we get nearer the time.

Thank you to every single one of you who has pledged – no matter what the amount, we would never have raised this budget without you!

Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nige

Update 6. The end is nigh! 115% and counting…

Is it really almost 30 days since we pushed the big green button and launched this project? How did that happen? We’re into the final weekend of the Kickstarter campaign this weekend, and we’re still going strong!

We passed the original £6000 target last weekend, but you’ve continued to pledge more money since then – so much so that we’re rapidly approaching the £7000 mark today! We have always intended to make the best album we possibly can, but this will mean that we can do that and also put some shows together and tour the album too.

We’ve been bowled over by your generosity and support during this campaign, and we’ll do our level best to repay your faith with a truly outstanding album that we can all be proud of.

Don’t forget, if you’ve not pledged yet, there’s still time to get involved – you’ve got till tuesday lunchtime to pledge – pledge £25 or more and get your name in the album credits!

If you have pledged, thank you so much! Please keep sharing and linking and liking, just a few more days!

– Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nige

Update 5. You did it! 104% and counting…

It’s official! We have reached the Kickstarter target! In fact, we’ve passed it. So as of early yesterday evening, funding for the new album is going to happen.

The way Kickstarter works is that unless the funding target is reached, it doesn’t happen, nobody pays anything and the project doesn’t get any money. But you guys have smashed that target – we passed the £6000 target yesterday evening, and more has come in since – the total is currently £6263, that’s 104%.

So now this is all going to happen. We WILL be finishing the album, we WILL be able to produce a deluxe version, we WILL be producing the Limited Edition Kickstarter T shirt, we WILL be sending out your rewards… How great is that?!

But most of all, we WILL be able to produce the best new album we possibly can, thanks to your support and your hard-earned cash!

Better still, we’re not done yet. We still have over a week before the deadline – lunchtime on Tuesday October 8th, we’re not done yet, and the more that’s pledged, the more we can do. We’re already thinking about a tour to promote the album when it’s done.

Please don’t stop now, please keep telling everyone and spreading the word; keep posting on your Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, tell your mates in the pub and at the gig… It’s not over yet! Let’s see what we can do!

Thank you for all the faith and support!

– Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nige

Update 4. Two weeks to go… Nearly there!

Well, we’re half way there in terms of time – 15 days into this project and we’re less than £750 to go! Amazing! Thanks for everything you’ve done and pledged already, just another couple of weeks and we’ll stop pestering you. Keep spreading the word…

Souvenir memory boxes

Si got all excited over the weekend, and offered to create 10 souvenir memory boxes in his other guise as Memory Box Man (https://www.facebook.com/memoryboxman). These are wooden souvenir boxes, with the band logo – the Winged Man design burned into the lid with the band’s autographs alongside, also burned in.

Si will do the pyrography on these boxes personally and hand finish the wood to seal it. They will be the larger of the two boxes in this photo – the one with the Winged Man logo on it – though the logo will be a little smaller to leave room for the autographs.

We’re adding these boxes as an individual item in the rewards list. If you’d like one, choose one as you would normally do. But please note there’s no CD included.

To get a box as a reward with something else, just pledge the price of both items, select the box, and email us to let us know what the other item is. We’ll create that as a package, let you know that’s done and you can simply pop back and choose that package.

To add a box to something you’ve already pledged for, just increase your pledge to cover the box as well as your existing pledge, email us at info@morpheusrising.co.uk to let us know, we’ll create a package for you and you can change your choice to that once it’s done.

Sorry if that seems a tad complicated, but Kickstarter doesn’t let you choose more than one reward so it seems the easiest way to avoid a list of combinations as long as your arm!

If I’ve explained it badly, and you don’t understand, just email me!

Thanks again for the support, you guys are amazing

Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nige

Update 2. An amazing first week

15/09/2013. This time last week pressed the big green “Launch” button to go live with this project. It’s been an amazing week! We’ve been asked about the new album over the last year, when it will be, and will we do pre-orders, but we didn’t really know what to expect when we put this crowd funding idea out there…

But we have been astonished by the response. In that first week, you have got behind this project and backed it to the tune of over £4500, some 70% of the £6000 goal! Amazing. It’s incredible seeing such support for what we’re doing, and we are incredibly grateful for the faith you’re showing in us.

If we reach that target, we can do all the things we are planning to complete this album, but the more we raise the more we can do, so we’re looking at what we can do if we raise more than the original target, as Ian was asking after the last update. The most obvious thing would be to load up the van, get out on the road and tour. Get out and about and play some shows for you guys.

The project doesn’t stop if we reach that £6000 goal, far from it! It will run until October 8th regardless. The more that’s pledged, the more we’d have in a tour fund once we’ve finished the album and sent it out to you guys with all the other rewards.

So if you’ve not pledged any money yet, take a look at what we’re offering – and don’t forget we can always put different packages together if you want a particular combination! You can change what you’ve chosen if you want something else to or if you want to pledge more. There’s still loads to choose from – a Skype chat – perhaps we could play a couple of tunes, some tuition… all sorts, quite apart from pre-ordering the album…

So keep sharing and liking and linking and spreading the word… There’s codes to embed the widget and the video into your websites and blogs right there under the video as well as the URL to link to! The more people we all tell about this the more will get involved! The Kickstarter page is here.

Thank you to everyone who’s got involved and backed this second album so far, we’re well on the way, but we’re not there yet. And don’t stop at the target – let’s see what we can achieve together… The album is just the start!

– Pete

Update 1. Wow! 50% in less than 36 hours!

09/09/2013. This is amazing. We’re all completely blown away here at MRHQ. In less than 36 hours of a 30 day project, you guys have come up with over half the target – over £3000! We’ve just been looking at some of the other projects currently running in the Rock Music genre and nobody who’s reached comparable levels of support has managed it so fast! You are incredible!

You guys have no idea how much it means to have such support and belief in what we do musically. As a musician, self belief is something you learn to have in bucket loads, but to have others demonstrate their support and loyalty for what you do in such a tangible way is not so common. And it’s an amazing feeling.

There’s still a way to go yet, but the glass is already half full. Just another £2700 to find… That feels so much less difficult than £6000, doesn’t it!? And who knows after that…?

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for us so far! Please keep spreading the word, sharing the project on Facebook and Twitter, telling your friends and sharing our posts… We can do this – between us all, we can do this!

Humbled and grateful!

– Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nigel

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