The Kickstarter crowd funding campaign were running reached its deadline at lunchtime last Tuesday (October 8th). We were asking for £6,000, but the final total was not just better than that, but way better than that. All told, the total reached £7,432, which is absolutely outstanding.

Practically, that fantastic total will mean that we can produce all the rewards we’ve promised and people pledged for, make the best album we possibly can, which everyone can be proud of – the guys in the band and everyone who backed this project and made it happen. It also means that we have the basis of a fighting fund to start planning the tour for the album too.

Personally, it’s been amazing. Anyone who is ambitious, anyone who dreams big and aims high has to develop a high degree of self belief and a thick skin. It’s not often that the level of fans’ support is illustrated in quite such a clear and financially quantifiable way, it’s amazing, encouraging and humbling in equal measure. All the more so as the pledges are towards a body of work which people have yet to hear. Thank you all beyond words.

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