We have launched a 30 day crowdfunding project with Kickstarter.com to raise funding to enable us to finish recording, mix, master, and manufacture the long overdue second Morpheus Rising album. Just click play on this video for more info on what it’s all about.We’ll keep you posted on all the latest on our campaign right here, and on Kickstarter.com.

This project will enable us to finish recording, mix, master, and manufacture the long awaited second Morpheus Rising album.

Get involved now! Visit our project on Kickstarter.com and be part of this!


Update 7

£7,432 in 30 days – Thank you!
Outstanding! Not just funded but 123% funded!
The clock stopped on the Kickstarter project today at 12:57pm UK time, with a grand total of £7,432 pledged towards our £6,000 goal, with the final pledge just moments before the deadline – just as the first was just moments after we pressed “go” a month back! Read more…

Update 6

The end is nigh! 115% and counting
Is it really almost 30 days since we pushed the big green button and launched this project? How did that happen? We’re into the final weekend of the Kickstarter campaign this weekend, and we’re still going strong! Read more…

Update 5

You did it! 104% and counting…
29/09/2013. It’s official! We have reached the Kickstarter target! In fact, we’ve passed it. So as of early yesterday evening, funding for the new album is going to happen.

The way Kickstarter works is that unless the funding target is reached, it doesn’t happen, nobody pays anything and the project doesn’t get any money. But you guys have smashed that target – we passed the £6000 target yesterday evening, and more has come in since – the total is currently £6263, that’s 104%. Read More…

Update 4.

Two weeks to go… Nearly there!
Well, we’re half way there in terms of time – 15 days into this project and we’re less than £750 to go! Amazing! Thanks for everything you’ve done and pledged already, just another couple of weeks and we’ll stop pestering you. Keep spreading the word…

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Update 2.

An amazing first week
15/09/2013. This time last week pressed the big green “Launch” button to go live with this project. It’s been an amazing week! We’ve been asked about the new album over the last year, when it will be, and will we do pre-orders, but we didn’t really know what to expect when we put this crowd funding idea out there…

Read more…

Update 1

Wow! 50% in less than 36 hours!
09/09/2013. This is amazing. We’re all completely blown away here at MRHQ. In less than 36 hours of a 30 day project, you guys have come up with over half the target – over £3000! We’ve just been looking at some of the other projects currently running in the Rock Music genre and nobody who’s reached comparable levels of support has managed it so fast! You are incredible!

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The project

We recently signed with an independent label in the US, but the days of massive advances to pay for albums are long gone. So we need to fund this ourselves – and we’re well on the way! The new songs sound fantastic so far and we’re very excited!

There’s a lot we need to do between where we are now – and the finished album, and that’s where we need your help.

If you ordered a CD from us online, we’d send you the CD straight away. But what we’re asking this time is that you take a little leap of faith, and give us some time between paying for it in advance… and getting it!

If enough people back this project, we can do all the magic that needs to be done; mixing it; filming the next video, manufacturing it and then sending it to you.

So we’ve put together some amazing and fun packages which start with in effect, pre-ordering the album!

But you could get even more involved – there will be a Limited Edition Kickstarter release – which will also get your name in the booklet, a limited edition T shirt, an invitation to the album launch, dinner with the band, a half day’s guitar tuition with Pete and Daymo… a part in the next video, all sorts of things. We think there’ll be something for everyone!

If you really get behind this project and back it beyond our original target, additional funds will allow us to expand our tour planning to include places which would otherwise have been impractical.

Obviously, we’ll keep everyone who backs us fully up to date about how it’s going and when exactly we will be releasing the CD.

So you have a brilliant opportunity to produce a Great British rock album. Be a part of this with us. We need your help to make it a reality.

Thank you!

Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nige

Get involved now! Visit our project on Kickstarter.com and be part of this!