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York’s Morpheus Rising deliver a substantial album true to classic British metal, while adding elements of the modern, harder American approach.

“Daylight” and the title track mix Maiden guitar work with the arrogance of Rob Halford’s early Priest vocals, with impressive production reminiscent of modern US rock bands like Gobsmack. Si Wright flies the British flag alongside the modern Tony Martin era Black Sabbath guitars of “Lord of the North” and “Those Who Watch”.

American influences can be heard in “Quench Your Thirst” (a killer chorus) and “Fear of Nothing” with a calmer verse and bigger chorus, but MR never deny their European roots with an originality and enthusiasm for solos rarely seen from the US.

The five piece’s material is restrained rather than pretentious. These young guys let loose the metal beast, but show a welcome maturity in “Let The Sleeper Awake”. “Shades of Grey” might be slow to get going, but the 6 minute track builds with twin lead and will pay dividends to anyone who gives it a chance.

That reserved attitude maintains the interest and the album is not spoiled by shrieking vocals or macho posing. The anthems have been saved the album’s second half: “Fighting Man” (the new Steve Harris school of songwriting), “Gypsy King” (great melodic rock with gothic undertones), and “In The End” (reminiscent of Saxon’s “Unleash The Beast” era).

CONCLUSION: The emerging Morpheus Rising’s timeless songwriting keeps their classic British metal apart from the usual NWOBHM clones. You might not love all ten songs immediately, but you’ll remember them – it’s a real sleeper!

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