As you know, we’ve been busy working on the new album for some time, it’s written and arranged – some of the new songs have already appeared on setlists during the Panic Room tour – and we’re well underway recording it all. But there’s a lot still to do to get from where we are to having the finished product ready for you. So we’re launching a project with to get it finished.

Despite our recent signing with Melodic Revolution Records, it’s up to us to fund this release – the days of massive advances from record companies to fund albums are long gone, and there’s a great deal left to do. Once the recording is complete, we’ll need to mix, produce, and master the songs, commission the artwork, manufacture the CDs and so on. All of this costs money, and that’s where we need your help.

So we’ve launched a 30 day project on to make it all happen. is a crowd funding platform allowing fans to get involved in funding a project such as this by buying packages of rewards. If enough people back a project and the target is reached, it all goes ahead. If not, nobody parts with any money and nobody is out of pocket. It’s a great way to support a project without risking your hard earned cash!

We’ve put together some great packages of all sorts of things – from pre-ordering the album to a part in the next video – which we think will appeal to everyone! If enough people back this project, we can do all the things we need to do, and produce a great Rock album which will stand up against its peers. And you will have been part of it.

So be part of this with us, and help us make this happen. Get involved, and back us at Kickstarter in the next 30 days! We’ll keep you posted with updates here and at Kickstarter. Thanks for your support!

– Si, Pete, Daymo, Andy and Nigel

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Press Release: Morpheus Rising Launches Kickstarter Project

Morpheus Rising has launched a 30 day Kickstarter Project to raise funds to complete their long awaited second album.

The as yet untitled release, affectionately known by the Morpheus Rising faithful as “MR2” is scheduled to feature around 10 songs, some of which have already been aired live by the band, and all written by Si Wright and Pete Harwood.

The Kickstarter project will raise funds to complete the mixing, production and mastering and manufacturing of the new CD, and backers are offered a wide choice of items as a reward for getting involved, from pre-ordering the disc in standard form; a deluxe version including their name in the artwork; a prop that the band have used live; a part in the next video; guitar tuition with the band’s axemen… and more.

Guitarist Pete Harwood explains, “Kickstarter allows fans to back the project and pledge money towards the projects target figure. If enough people support us and we reach the target in the 30 days, we can push on and get this album finished and out to the fans in a matter of months. An album costs a lot of money to create and manufacture, so we really need the fans get involved and be part of it with us to make it a reality.”

The band are aiming for an official release early in 2014, with the intention that backers of the Kickstarter project would receive their copies of the album and any other rewards a month earlier, in time for Christmas.

More information on Morpheus Rising’ Kickstarter project can be found at or the band’s own website

8 September 2013

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