“…an impressive album for those who haven’t forgotten their metal roots and who like powerful and well-played music with an outstanding vocalist.” … read the whole review here

“York’s Morpheus Rising deliver a substantial album true to classic British metal, while adding elements of the modern, harder American approach. – Musikreviews.de. …read the whole review here

“Seems this year so far has brought me a lot of new discoveries. The latest being UK band Morpheus Rising with their Let The Sleeper Awake album.” …read the whole review here.

“…Morpheus Rising, who have been making waves after their performance on the Classic Rock Society stage at Cambridge Rock Festival last summer.
     “At the heart of this northern quintet is an influence born from the fiery depths of metal, in particular the NWoBHM-era. The twin guitar work feels reminiscent of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the usual suspects, though an encompassing layer of chordal synthesizers pulls them into proggier realms. As a result we have here something that sounds not far off early Dream Theater, which is never a bad thing.” – Classic Rock Presents Prog review of Also Eden + Morpheus Rising at the Peel, Kingston, 29 October 2011 (Dec 2011 issue).

“If you think the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon are dated then let me introduce you to Morpheus Rising, a York based traditional metal band with a 21st century kick to it.” – Matt Seddon, Planetmosh.com. Read the whole of Matt’s review here.

“The vocals of the frontman were nothing short of amazing while the twin guitar work kept the crowd on wanting more from the band.” “Definitely a gig that could easily secure a spot in the top ten gigs of 2011.” – Nico Davidson, Valkyrianmusic.com. Read the whole review here.

“Every once in a lifetime you find that band with the sound, the skill and the vocals. It’s like finding the holy grail. You guys have it all.” – Bruce W Waren.

“…Following them were self-styled NWOBHM revivalists Morpheus Rising. Their great twin-guitar harmonies owe a lot to Iron Maiden, given something of gothic twist. Again, a tight band with a lot of energy.” – Tim Hall. Read the whole article here.

“…Sacred Heart and Morpheus Rising also rocked their respective stages with fantastic sets.” – welovefestivals.com. Read the whole article here

“First time I had heard these guys and I was well impressed. Bought a demo CD and would have bought more if they had had any! One to look out for.” – Neil Palfreyman

“Old Skool New Wave British Heavy Metal… Is this how it was done in the 80’s? Erm, not quite – this is how how it should have been done in the 80’s…” “a master-class in twin guitar from Pete and Daymo…” – Peter Croft

“Before this performance I only knew this band as Andy Smith from Mostly Autumn’s other band. Playing very a different style music than Mostly Autumn, Morpheus Rising boast a very capable twin-lead guitar line up with Pete Harwood and Damien Sweeting trading off heavy metal riffs, harmonised chorus sections or fluid solos. New frontman Simon Wright managed to sound like Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and Rob Halford all in one set and really helped to elevate the band to the next level. Apparently they are readying their debut album at the moment, which is definitely going to be a ‘must-have’ when it comes out!” – Sam Lewis. Read the whole article here.

“Great band…… Will go far” – Andrea White

“You boys rocked big time at CRF – both on and off stage…” – Sally Newhouse

“I was not alone in the crowd in saying I would have bought the album if it had been available.” – James Allen

“I could swear I’m listening to a long lost Powerslave era demo track!”

“You guys don’t disappoint!” – Staxtonbury Festival organisers Aug 2010

“The tightest guitar duo I’ve ever had on the show!” – Matt Seymour BBC introducing, Sept 2009