Fibbers packed for Graham Bonnet & MR

18/03/2014. A spectacular night at a packed Fibbers last Sunday supporting the legendary Graham Bonnet on the opening night of his tour. Shoulder to shoulder all the way back to the bar – thanks to everyone who came out to the show, Mr Bonnet and his band, and to Tim, Callum, Nikki, Sophie and everyone at Fibbers! You all ROCK!

We need professional help!

We would be very interested to hear from Promoters, Management and Agents interested in representing the band. Our focus is writing it and playing it live. That’s what we do. We are struggling to find time to do that, organise merch, send out the CDs (and remember to breathe) as well as put gigs and tours together, chase support slots and festival appearances – frankly we’re not really very good at that. But that’s what you do. So get in touch! We need professional help!

Rocking the Asylum

09/03/2014. Fantastic night in Birmingham with Also Eden last night at The Asylum Venue. Great to see the AE guys again – it’s been too long. Fantastic to see lots of familiar faces at the gig too – big thanks to everyone who came to see us! And thanks to the bar staff and everyone at the venue.

Next up, York Fibbers supporting THE Graham Bonnet next Sunday!

Gallery Update

07/03/2014. We’ve added some great new photos to the gallery from the EXIMIUS HUMANUS album launch show a couple of weeks back courtesy of Marc McGarraghy at Yellow Mustang Photography. Marc’s managed to capture some fantastic images of this show, it wasn’t easy picking which ones to include in the gallery! Click here.

Eximius Humanus – Two great reviews!

01/03/2014. Two great blogger reviews! Firstly of the album, from Ian Massey on his blog “Not Quite Music Journalism”. “Behind a stunning Dylan Thompson cover, comes an album that builds on the previous release…” “…Eximius Humanus is not a perfect album. It is, however, a very good one and one which I suspect will be featuring in my top ten at the end of the year.” Read the whole review.

Secondly, a review of the launch gig from Tim Hall on his blog “Where Worlds Collide”. “With new drummer Nigel Durham they’ve gone up another gear as a live band.” Read the whole review.

Eximius Humanus has left the building

24/02/2014. Your Kickstarter and pre-orders have been shipped today. Depending on where you are in the world, they should start arriving with you guys tomorrow!

Oh what a night! – Bilston Robin 2 Album Launch

24/02/2014. WOW! We are speechless. Really. Such an amazing night for us, and I am sure we will all talk about this for ages!

Firstly, as a band, we want to thank our brother Nigel Durham for showing utter true grit and sailing us through this important night. He has been fighting a particularly nasty bout of flu for a few days, and yet he powered us through to the end in glorious style, and as any of you who were at the show will know, he spent every last ounce of energy getting us there! – true star!

Luna Rossa were everything we knew they would be – awe-inspiring, captivating, and enchanting – story-telling and song-craft personified – Thank you Anne-Marie and Jonathan Edwards, we love ya ! (as always)

I STILL try to find the right words to express how we feel regarding the faith, support, and friendship that we feel from our fans, but I feel that I fall short every time – old fans and new, you really power us on! This album only came to life thanks to that very same faith, support, and friendship. Our Morpheus Rising family surrounded us and backed us all the way, so that here we are – “EXIMIUS HUMANUS”!. It’s Latin for “Super Human”, and although it may be titled as such as a reflection of its content, it is also a title, and an album, for you – Super Humans x

Si \m/


21/02/2014. It has arrived! We have finally got our hands on the CD copies of Eximius Humanus!

Much later than we had planned but just in time for the launch, it looks absolutely fabulous. Dylan Thompson’s artwork is outstanding! Dylan’s work was featured on the first album, Let The Sleeper Awake, but he’s really outdone himself here!

Kickstarter copies and Pre-orders will be shipped on Monday – we’ll be packing jiffy bags and signing CDs till all hours to make that happen!

We also now have stock of the album T shirt – with the album cover on the front and MR text logo and album title on the back, in S, M, L and XL. Both are available in the shop page – click here

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